Gracelands Rock 'n' Roll Club Morrinvsille

Club Information

Gracelands Rock n Roll club is situated in Morrinsville in the heart of the Waikato.

We offer Rock 'n' Roll dancing for all ages and all levels.

Our club is fun and supportive, we have dancers who compete in competitions locally and Nationally, and even more members who come along for the social dancing and to keep fit.

Rock 'n' Roll dancing is a great way to have fun while exercising.

Club Nights - Monday (7.30pm to 9.30pm)

During winter our club nights change to being held every second monday night at the Methodist Church Hall, Thames St, Morrinsville

The next few clubnights are as follows:

03-June-2019Queens Birthday - No Clubnight
10-June-2019Learn-A-Move - Improvers/Intermediate level move
17-June-2019No Clubnight
24-June-2019Learn-A-Move - Improvers/Intermediate level move
01-July-2019No Clubnight
08-July-2019Learn-A-Move - Improvers/Intermediate level move
15-July-2019No Clubnight
22-July-2019Learn-A-Move - Improvers/Intermediate level move
29-July-2019No Clubnight
05-Aug-2019Learn-A-Move - Improvers/Intermediate level move
12-Aug-2019No Clubnight
19-Aug-2019Learn-A-Move - Improvers/Intermediate level move
26-Aug-2019No Clubnight

If we are not running Beginners/Improvers Lessons, you are welcome to come along to any normal clubnight and there will be someone there who can teach the basics.

During our normal clubnight we will teach a move and/or line/sequence dance to keep everying learning

Club nights are a great way to socialise and meet new friends as well as learning new moves and improving your general dancing skills

Club Night Entry:

  • $3 Senior Members (18yrs and over)

  • $6 Family Members

  • $2 Juniors Member (Unders 18yr)

  • $5 Senior Non Members (18yrs and over)

  • $10 Family Non Members

  • $3 Juniors Non Member (Unders 18yr)

  • Membership Fees

  • Single: $25.00

  • Junior: $10.00

  • Couple: $35.00 (Defined as a married couple or living at the same address)

  • Family: (Adult or couple and $5 for each child up to the maximum of $55)

  • Rock 'n' Roll Dancing Lessons

    Gracelands Rock n Roll Club runs Beginners and Improvers Lessons throughout the year. Our lessons are held on Monday night and run from 7.30pm to 8.15pm followed by normal clubnight till 9.30pm

  • Cost = $20 per person for a 4 week block course
  • Next Lessons - Beginners - starting Monday 11th February, please arrive 15mins early for registrations

  • Please register your interest in the next lessons. Registrations allow us to better cater for the numbers attending. Check out the FAQ's below for answers to commonly asked questions about Rock 'n' Roll Dancing

    Please contact or txt 021 634 990 for more information


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    What age do I have to be to learn Rock 'n' Roll dancing?

    • Rock 'n' Roll can be danced by any age from 5yrs to 65+ years. At our National Competitions we have competitors as young as 5yrs old and even some competitors who are over 70yrs old.

    • At Gracelands we are NOT currently running Junior (under 18yrs) specific lessons, but we welcome any age to come along to clubnight and learn. For younger children its best if an older family member also learns with them.
    Can anyone learn to dance Rock n Roll?

    • Yes, we often say if you can walk you can dance, it just takes some practice.

    • Rock 'n' Roll has 4 steps to 3 beats of music, which means the last two steps are quicker than the first two. Some people compare it to the timing of the fox trot which is slow, slow, quick, quick.
    What if I forget the moves that were taught the previous week of lessons?

    • During the lessons, we re-cap the previous weeks moves to help the moves and timing sink in.
    If my Child is under 14yrs and wants to learn to dance, what do I need to do?

    • We encourage young dancer to learn Rock n Roll, so bring them down to lessons, but a parent or guardian needs to remain in the hall the child(ren)
    Do I need to have a dance partner to do your lessons?

    • No. While it is great if you have a dance partner you can bring along, it is not necessary to bring a partner as there is always someone to dance with

    • If you are intending on doing a set of lessons, please register and let us know so we can make sure we have enough available partners for everyone.
    What if there arn't enough males to dance with?

    • While the male typically dances the lead role in a dance partnership, it is not uncommon for our female dancers to also dance the lead which helps balance out partnerships

    • We even have a sesction at Nationals designed specifically for this situation, as there is often more female dancers than male dancers.
    What shoes and clothing do I need to wear?

    • Wear soft soled shoes (light sneakers, ballet flats) just make sure they are comfortable to move around in and not too heavy.

    • Wear comfortable clothing that does restrict your arm movements (especially the ladies).
    Can I still do the Beginners/Improvers Lessons if I miss a week?

    • Yes, we can catch you up on what ever it was that you missed. The price of $20 per person for the 4 weeks still applies

    • Please let us know if you have registered for lessons and you have to miss one of them.
    How often do you run lessons?

    • This year (2019) we are aiming to run either a Beginners or Improvers set of lessons (4 weeks blocks) each school term.
    What is the difference between Beginners and Improvers lessons?

    • Beginners lessons are designed to get you started with your rock n roll dancing. It is not uncommon (highly recommended) to do 2 sets of beginners.

    • Improvers Lessons are designed to build slightly more differcult moves than the Beginners but still easy to learn
    Do you also teach moves on a normal clubnight?

    • Yes, we try and teach a move each clubnight, these are often more intermediate level moves (depends on who is at clubnight).

    • We often get in guest teachers from other clubs to help teach a variety of moves.
    I'm not interested in competing, can I still learn?

    • Yes, most of our Club are not competitive dancers, we come along to socialise with friends and enjoy our dancing in a relaxed environment
    What is a Hop?

    • A Hop is the term used to describe a Dance. In Rock 'n' Roll these are usually Birthday Hops or Xmas Hops or Mini Hops held on a Saturday night, where there is great music(possibly a band), lots of people and lots of fun dancing. This is not where Dancing lessons are taught.
    What is a workshop?

    • From time to time we will run a Rock n Roll workshop usually on a Saturday or Sunday. These workshops are designed to help dancers improve thier dancing, so it might be new more differcults moves, or it might centered around styling and lead an follow, etc

    • When we run a workshop we will say what level of dancer it is designed for.


    Gracelands Rock n Roll Club
    P.O Box 247

    Committee 2018/2019

    President    Prue Bryant   07 887 8889 or 027 781 5550
    Vice President    Megan Allen   07 889 7994 or 021 634 990
    Secretary    Irene Tiddy   07 889 4440 or 021 267 6293   email
    Treasurer    Irene Tiddy  
    Properties Co-ordinator    Megan Allen
    Committee Members    Donna Ogden
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